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As we plant a brand new network of home churches in Long Beach CA – built around forming disciple-makers, living on mission, and being naturally supernatural – we thought it would be fun to let people enjoy walking alongside us!

Every couple of weeks we will be posting a new video, with some fresh teaching or stories of what we are learning, teaching, experimenting with, or hearing from Jesus. Some will be just a minute or two, most will be more like a short TED talk, and occasionally there’ll be a long-form teaching.

Each post will be aimed to equip you with relevant content that is battle-proven, and which you can also share with those you lead. And we’ll be interacting with the comments that you make, to create a shared learning environment.

Our first few posts are already live!

Check out How to Build Culture That Puts God’s Kingdom First:


Then perhaps enjoy some of our reflections on Comparing English and American Church Cultures:


… Or even just watch the quick intro video that explains why we are doing this:

We look forward to sharing this journey of missional experimentation with you!


Alex & Hannah Absalom



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