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Practical Ways To Involve Your Kids In Missional Living

How do you combine kids and mission in healthy ways? Would you like to see your children become missionaries for Jesus? Do you struggle to know how to encourage the kids in your care to share their faith? A lifestyle of mission is not something that is reserved for...

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How To Have A Spiritual Conversation

Does fear ever hold you back from sharing your faith in Jesus? Would you like to have deeper and more meaningful times with your friends who are far from Jesus? Do you struggle to naturally move into a spiritual conversation? You can become calm, competent and...

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Prayer Walking: Watch Us Do It! Are you aware of the power of prayer walking?Do you know how to do it in practice?Will you try it out this week? Prayer walking is a powerful spiritual weapon! Following Jesus into the mission field is always going to be...

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How Programs Can Ruin Your Disciple-Making

Does your church equate completing a course with disciple-making? Has information transfer become the major focus over life-imitation? Can you reverse that trend? Jesus spent 3 years sharing His life with His disciples in order to equip them to go and multiply His...

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Stop Saying “If It Be Your Will” Prayers!

Why do 'If it be Your will' prayers demonstrate a lack of faith? How do we know healing is God's will? Do we need special permission to heal the sick? When we pray for the sick, we should step into the moment with great boldness and faith, because our confidence rests...

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How To Handle Highly Demanding People

Do you have people in your group who are always demanding extra time and attention for their latest crisis - but very little ever seems to get resolved?Are there certain 'Extra Grace Required' (EGRs) types around, with whom you have to work extra hard to show love and...

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How To Heal The Sick

Is it Biblical to actively seek to bring supernatural healing on a regular basis? How do we hold together both the now and the not yet of the presence of the Kingdom of God? What role does our faith play in seeing healing take place? Jesus repeatedly commissioned His...

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Discipling And Apprenticing Leaders

What does it mean to be focused on discipling and apprenticing leaders? Who should I pick? What do I do? Jesus calls us to become not only His disciples, but also disciple-makers of others. We are to show others how to become more like Him. But for many, that is...

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The 10 Life-Giving Laws of a Missional Church!

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